How much do you know about Alzheimer’s? Probably not much. That is because it’s still a taboo topic in many places. Meet Dominika Wilczok and Kornelia Koziorowska – two high schoolers from Katowice, Poland who want to change this! They are right that to be able to change the world in many aspects we first have to fight for our own brain so they created ORKA Obserwuj Rozpoznaj Konsultuj Alzheimer (O.R.K.A Observe. Recognize. Consult. Alzheimer’s). As it concerns Alzheimer’s disease, they want young people to be aware of the fact that the hope for a better life and overcoming Alzheimer’s lies in their hands. They have interviewed a Nobel prize laureate’s wife, a world-wide known American care specialist, former ministry of health of Poland – no doubt they know about the issue already a lot! Let’s give them the round of applause  and make sure you click and check them now!